Saturday, December 8, 2012

120 Babies

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Today's play-all-the-way-through formative album: Short Sharp Shocked, the hugely under-appreciated 1988 studio debut of a true American original, Michelle Shocked, whose subsequent few albums had high points but weren't quite as good, and whose work since has been wildly uneven. But there's not a bad song on this tight, rootsy, quirky but totally grounded Pete Anderson-produced blues/folk-rock record, from the opener on down.


Kirk Wilson LOVE this album. Totally agree with everything above.
Kirk Wilson I took Michelle to her first drag show (The Plaza on La Brea next to Pinks) with a bunch of ACT UP folks who are no longer with us. Good times.
Kerry Reid Been listening to that one a lot myself lately.
Rebecca Novick Best album ever. Also good memory of seeing this tour during my freshman year of college.
Caridad Svich it's a terrific CD

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