Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bibit Ille, Bibit Illa

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Today's whole-formative-album listen-through: Carmina Burana. My youthful love for this sprawling, quirky, tuneful cantata has since been tempered by the sense that I'm supposed to have outgrown it. And yes, upon returning to it, some of the shiny, upbeat unison harmonies sound a little more Von Trapp-ish than I'd like. But I still find Orff's clattering, windy orchestrations stirring and much of his vocal writing sharp, witty, irresistible. I can understand how to some ears this sounds like so much Ren Fair kitsch, or like secular Christmas music, but, as with my love for Simon & Garfunkel's most flower-childlike sounds, I have to chalk this up to my personal taste, which was as much formed by music like this as initially attracted by it (who can untangle these?). In short, as a bit of morally suspect 20th-century primitivism, this is no Rite of Spring, but I'm keeping it in my pantheon.

Michael Roth interesting thoughts rob, complicated thoughts about orff are understandable - if you don't know his ANTIGONE, that's worth tracking down to, quite something.
David Barbour It would be helpful if bits of it hadn't been used in 1,001 television commercials and film trailers.
Jeremy J Lee Did you hear my version in Ashland a few years back?
"Confronting Freddie"
Rob Weinert-Kendt David, know what you mean, though my path into the larger work wasn't via O Fortuna but via the dance
Jeremy J Lee My path was from a live Ozzy Osbourne album from my wasted youth...

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