Monday, December 17, 2012

Love Blooms at Night

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Today's played-through formative album: k.d. lang's Shadowland. This seemed a near-perfect record to me back in the day, and I still don't think she's ever topped it as a song interpreter (certainly not with her somnabulent Craig Street excursions). Recording with Patsy Cline's lightly-gentrifying producer, Owen Bradley, was an inspired choice; he got her to relax into many of these songs, something she seldom did in her entertaining but slightly manic early country days. To be honest, some of Bradley's production touches cloy now (esp. the keyboards and sax), and I don't think I ever need to hear the deadly-tasteful hoedown "Waltz Me Once Again" again. But at its best, this is the Platonic ideal of Kathryn Dawn, whose subsequent career as a songwriter I'm much more mixed on.

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